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Analysis of the trend and operation mode of

Time:2015-9-28 17:19:45  From:Xin Li hardware tools

Due to the impact of the international financial environment, Taiwan's tool industry in recent years, the loss of more than 80%. From this, they start at a low price great impact of China's CNC tool market, some tool price even lower than the price of domestic CNC tool; in order to profit and low cost strategy to fight to occupy the market, known as CNC tool market prices killer.
At present, China's tool industry presents six major characteristics, the tool industry to rise, we must strive to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry from these six aspects, shorten the entire tool industry and the world's cutting tool industry.
After the entry into WTO, the global purchase will make a lot of price reasonable, the technology of cutting tools to continue into the Chinese market, so that customers have a greater choice of space and ability to upgrade, so that domestic CNC tool manufacturers market development is more difficult.
Domestic CNC tool business production and management are too small, not forming their own cutting tool industry chain, in particular the production of the tool system does not produce blades, blade manufacturers do not produce tools, almost entirely dependent on the supplier; no real meaning on the industry alliance.
Numerical control cutting tool is a technology intensive, knowledge intensive, talent intensive industry, the development of the talents of great dependence, especially in the company's production and operation is not obvious. Domestic CNC tool and technical personnel, management personnel, marketing personnel, CNC machine tool operator are scarce, the general train cycle for 3 to 5 years. Universities and colleges and universities are not well served as training CNC CNC machining and CNC cutting tools professional responsibility, rely on their own to spend a long time to develop, to the past times, but not necessarily able to retain.
China's tool industry is very early to open to the outside world, the domestic market has realized the globalization of cutting tools. Foreign machine tool manufacturers enter the Chinese market has been more than ten years history, sales network and technical service system has been quite perfect, in the big cities of China have a number of offices, sales and technical service personnel more than 1000 people. They take their high quality products, perfect technical service, and continuously reduce the product sales price, now the import tool prices have dropped almost 10 years ago, 2/3 ~ 1/2, monopoly of China's high-end tool market. Luo Baihui pointed out that in the process of economic globalization, multinational companies have become more and more obvious technology, resources, information services and other core competitiveness advantages, the strength of the domestic tool is more and more far, the Chinese tool industry must improve the overall level of the industry.
Hardware companies to take advantage of the potential of the Internet development, innovative marketing model. "The labor wants the good the things must first of its profits", the enterprise is the main body of the development of, transformation and upgrading, mentions from where? Easier said than done! If the restructuring fails will be wiped out, but not the transformation and upgrading of, the road of enterprise development sooner or later come to an end. 2013, hardware companies must first inspire the spirit, adhere to the development of the road, to the "essence, special, special," intensive, production service oriented enterprise restructuring.

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